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Curious Conversation

The pandemic brought many changes within business, social, and educational environments. Creating your personal brand is now key to overall lasting business success. Personal branding provides you a conscious awareness of your unique qualities and creates a larger since of personal value within your brand story. If people can relate on a personal level and you are able to draw real human emotion, it creates a since of desire, which creates the possibility of a loyal customer. On average, it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, so it should be a memorable experience. Social Hatter is a creative design studio primarily focused on personal branding and web design. Whether you are beginning to restructure your small business, you need to rebrand, or you are just looking for new strategies on a personal level, we want to create memorable brands that outlive the competition.


of business owners said they are investing in technology that will enable virtual environments.


of B2B leaders believe customer experience is the most important part of their strategy.


of employers are working on employer branding strategies with their marketing teams.


of millennials share their positive or negative experience with a brand.

Brand Development Process

When marketing and designing a brand, whether personal branding or small business/organizational branding, you must know your industry market, the value it has, and its present trends. BUT, most important of all, developing authentic and inspirational value through your content will launch you into a residual income experience. Get to know the ins and outs of yourself and how you bring lasting unique value to your company and your industry. 

Market Analysis


Market research of your industry and desired target audience is critical for effective brand development. Many startups overlook this aspect of brand development because they think they know their audience. Finding the time to research your industry, consumer challenges, and how you bring value by solving it is vital.


When developing your brand, it is important you lay out your brand story. How did you get to where you are?   Why did you go that direction? What drives you? What business/social/environment issues are you solving? What do you bring to the table that sets you apart from others?  Remember to ask the question, what can this brand do or stand for that no other brand can say?

Chess Game


With all the elements in place, it is time to launch the brand. That means creating your first products, offering your services, or making a name for yourself. It could mean digital campaigns, radio advertisement, demographic targeting, product print, or even showing up at tradeshows. There are many aspects you must consider when developing a lasting brand. The good news, your launch will have a great foundation.


With all the elements in place, it is time to launch the brand. That means creating your first products, offering your services, or making a name for yourself. It could mean many things to many brands like digital campaigns, radio spots, drip campaigns, demographic targeting, print or even showing up at tradeshows. On the surface that sounds easy, but there are many moving gears that need to align to keep the marketing moving forward. The good news is that with all the prep work you did before, your launch will have a great foundation.

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